Barkby Garden Services Coalville Leicestershire

The enviromentally friendly gardening company that prides itself in sustaining the local enviroment within Leicestershire.

We stay focused on your wishes and your requirements at all times.

See for yourself what professional creativity means in our hands.

Once you've decided to put your landscaping, design project or garden services into our capable hands, you'll wonder how you ever managed without us! We'll work with you through every project phase from pre-planning to after-care. And at every stage, we'll never lose sight of your individual wishes and requirements. We constantly liaise with our customers at every stage of your project to achieve 100% satisfation.

Summerhouse instolation Complete garden design

Trust the experts: our years of experience supplies you with a wealth of ideas and knowledge to help to create your perfect outdoor space.

Landscaping,  water gardens, parks, urban green-areas or tree and plant maintanence: you're sure to be impressed by our range of services. We can even maintain your water garden for you, and help keep your fish healthy. Examine our expertly creative way of working: you'll be delighted at what we can create for you!


Our aim is to sustain the local enviroment by recycling as much of your garden waste as possible and turn your unwanted material into something that you do want. We achieve this by composting and using your discarded garden waste elsewhere in your garden with your permission. If this can't be achieved then we use recycling centres.


Wildlife - Here at Barkby Garden services we try and work with the local wildlife agencies. We do offer systems and advice that can encourage wildlife into your garden. We do however realise that not everyone wants this, so we offer systems that can discourage and prevent wildlife from doing this ( such as badger fencing).


Pest Control - We also offer a pest control service. Whether you are having problems with rats, snails or even the dreaded spainish slug we at Barkby Gardens can offer a solution!


If you have any questions or just require free gardening advice, then don't hesitate in contacting us, we will be more than happy to help!